Mar 16, 2016

Android On Body Detection


Google’s New Security Feature

Google has taken things to the next level by introducing a new security feature for android smartphones.

The new security feature is a part of android’s ‘smart lock’ feature introduced in android 5.0, which previously had features like location based security etc.

Android on body detection is what they call it and it will be available for devices running android 5.X.X and up.


Android On Body Detection

Android on body detection


(Image source: Android authority)

So what exactly is android on body detection? To be fairly simple its a security feature which will allow your phone to detect you holding it and would hence not ask for a pin to unlock the phone.

Whenever the phone is placed at a distance from you, it will be locked with the pin you setup so no one else can use it. However, if you hold the phone you can unlock it without the hassle to enter the pin again.

As I said before it is part of your smart lock menu which previously allowed you to setup location based security but now Google clearly takes it to the next level with android on body detection. So just unlock once and your device stays unlocked as long as you are holding it.

It is more like movement based, as long as you are the one carrying it in your pocket and moving around with it, you don’t need to enter a PIN. If no movement is detected by the phone it will be locked again by a PIN.


Who Gets It ?

According to what I have read so far, devices running Android 5.1 with the latest Google Play services will be able to get it. So ya it is more of like a software update rather than an OS update. Also, one of the guys at android authority tested android on body detection on nexus 5 running android 5.0.1. I am running android 5.0.1 as well on my One X but have not seen the android on body feature as yet.

It clearly is an awesome addition to security. You do need a PIN but probably don’t want to enter it every time while the phone is in your use. Android on body detection is hence the solution to your problem.

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