Mar 16, 2016

Android Multitasking - The Better Way

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Spicing up your Android Multitasking and Navigation


There are number of apps available at the Play Store, advertised to make navigation and multitasking in Android easier but I find most of them to fall short of one necessary feature or the other. So here we’ll discuss about our favourite apps for multitasking.


Toucher Pro


People who switched from Iphone would be probably familiar with this kind app. Developed by GO Launcher EX team, Toucher Pro provides quick and direct access to  your favourite apps, navigations tools, system toggles as well as quick weather updates; with each category having a specific tab. If you’ve paid for the Pro version it would also show unread notifications for messages and calls. Too bad it doesn’t show other notifications.

toucher pro_Android Multitasking

Luckily since it’s developed by GO Launcher EX team, customization options aren’t limited same goes for availability of themes.





Switchr_Multitasking in Android



Developed by xda-developers senior member, Mohammad Adib, Switchr really changes the game in whole multitasking “platform”. Not only is app switching is extremely convenient but it has bunch of customization options, making it easier to set it according to your taste. In the last few versions of the app, home and back button have been included, hence navigation through Switchr would be a breeze. By the way it can also launch apps in Halo mode, if your custom rom supports it.



LMT Launcher aka Pie Launcher


If you’re are flash junky, you would be probably familiar with Paranoid Android’s Pie controls. Unfortunately in the beginning this feature was only limited to that specific ROM, hence there have been a number of iterations of pie controls available in the Play Store and by specific custom ROMs (like Slim ROM’s pie). Lately I found the perfect replacement for it, which would work on any android phone; the LMT Launcher developed by xda-developers senior member “noname81”.

lmt launcher_Android Multitasking


Not only it works perfectly but it also a number of customization options; set trigger area, colour, animation speed. When triggered, it conveniently shows the number of notifications, ram usage and other system info. The only drawback is that this will require root access.

Download link:




Toucher Pro is my favourite of the bunch, of course you’ll have to try each one to find your favourite depending on your taste.

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