Mar 16, 2016

Android Apps For FIFA World Cup 2014

android apps for fifa worldcup

FIFA World Cup 2014

So the world cup has finally started and everyone has high hopes from the teams they support. It is therefore best to gear up your smartphone with android apps for FIFA World Cup 2014. You can use these apps in various ways to keep your enthusiasm for the game at its peak. Without further due lets begin!


Android Apps For FIFA World Cup 2014:

Stated in no particular order.


#1 – Google Now


Google Now is my first preference to keep a track of the World Cup 2014. Google Now, your search bar in android devices with jellybean and later. You can configure it to add the teams that you support or simply want updates from. Google Now would then notify you with the upcoming matches and can also be used to check live scores of a game in progress. Of course you could just watch the game instead but in a country like Pakistan with constant power cuts … this really helps. Voice command your Google Now to ask for the upcoming matches or know the scores of the previous ones.

It is best to have a Google Now widget on your home screen which constantly syncs and updates all the data for you … in this case the match updates.


#2 – The Official FIFA App

android apps for fifa world cup


With a whole swarm of android apps for FIFA World Cup 2014, FIFA has its very own official app as well, available to download for free. Though a lot of people have reported that the app is crashing for their android phone, the app is being updated regularly to bring a lot of improvements. You can use this app to know about all the players in every team along with their respective coaches.

It is also possible to vote for the “Man of the Match” using the app. Other than that it performs the basic functions of providing you with details of upcoming matches and scores from previous games.

Get it here on Google Play.


#3 – Jalvasco World Cup 2014


Among the many unofficial android apps for FIFA World Cup 2014, this app should serve you as one of the best. It is available to download for free at Google Play. You can use this app with your specific timezone and select the teams to follow. It features a user friendly UI with swipe menus to have a look at team points in different groups, view the historical results and get an update on your favorite team. Precisely this app should serve all your needs with no price tag on it. So go grab one of these free android apps for FIFA World Cup.


#4 – FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS


Though I am not using this game my self during the World Cup but I used it during the Champions League. I use to simulate upcoming matches of my favorite club before the match took place. This is something that a lot of people do on their consoles and PCs but since this article concerns apps related to your android smartphone … its better to list this game here. So add FIFA 14 among your list of android apps for FIFA World Cup 2014 to simulate upcoming matches by playing them.



These are the few apps that I consider to be the best to be used during the World Cup. You can obviously make use of the other mainstream apps as well, some of which I listed earlier in an article. You can read that here.

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