Mar 16, 2016

Android App to Fix Dead Pixel

fix dead pixel

Fix Dead Pixel

Dead Pixels can show up on a display, reasons vary every time. It can sometimes be a hardware fault or it can so happen that a pixel or a bunch of them got stuck. Stuck pixels are fairly easy to cure. If you happen to experience dead or stuck pixels on your smartphone try out these android apps to fix dead pixel.


Pixel Curer

fix dead pixel

Pixel curer is an excellent app to fix dead pixel, you can choose the desired background color. Its best to go for a white background for yellow fade spots. Simple put the pointer where the dead pixel is and let it do its trick.

Make sure that your display settings are set to never turn off display. The amount of time to cure would depend on the intensity of the dead pixel. For some people it worked in 15 minutes but many people sharing their experience say to use the app overnight. This is likely to fix dead pixel on your display without much effort, however if it still does not work you might have to get your screen replaced.



Pixel Resurrector

fix dead pixel

Pixel Resurrector is yet another great app to help you fix dead pixel. This app is in another language I am not familiar with but getting to use it is fairly easy. It works in pretty much the same way as Pixel Curer but with an additional advantages of drawing separate boxes. You can create boxes of different dimensions, four at maximum and place it on multiple parts of your screen if you have multiple fade spots.

The recommended time here is also 15 – 30 minutes to fix dead pixel but you can increase it depending on your intensity.



There are many apps available to download on the play store to fix a dead pixel but these seem to be the highest rated and the ones that worked for many people. I assume the working of these apps from user feedback and hence think that these two apps are the best solution to fix a dead pixel. If you know about any app better than these two please do share.

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