Mar 16, 2016

Best Android Anti Theft Apps - Save Insurance Money

android anti theft

Android Anti Theft Apps vs Insurance

Mobile theft has increased over the past few years owing to the heavy price tag on some of the smartphones we own. While it is best to have insurance for your smartphone, it can still be costly and the insurance terms can be annoying. You can install these android apps even if you do have smartphone insurance but if you want to save cost, these apps alone can suffice as well. Most of them are free to download and come with their pros and cons over the other.

In no particular order.


#1 – Android Device Manager

android anti theft


Though not the best among the android anti theft apps but still a free solution worth it. You can track your phone and wipe data remotely if your mobile is stolen. Commands only work when mobile is switched on … Didn’t help me a lot when my one x got stolen  but I was able to wipe my data.

Make sure you have enabled android device manager in your phone settings. You can then use the web interface to control your smartphone. Or use the app on your other android device.



#2 – Anti theft by Avast

android anti theft


There are two versions available for this app, one for a rooted smartphone and the other for non rooted.

There are a tons of features available on this android anti theft app and all for free. There are further premium features as well but the standard are more than enough. You can track your phone, send commands via SMS or web interface. Take snaps and track sim changes. Rooted users can reboot device remotely or restrict USB access.

Unluckily I didn’t have it installed on my previous one x but have it installed with me now.



#3 – Dropbox

android anti theft


Obviously dropbox is a cloud media storage app but its functionality can be used as an android anti theft app.

Simply turn auto upload of your pics on for dropbox, not only does it help you in keeping a backup of your photos but also help you track any latest changes. If the thief takes a picture it will be uploaded to dropbox along with the timestamp … You can hence track the thief. Helpful or not but all you need is a slight idea of what’s happening with your phone while its stolen. I got 25Gb free storage with my htc device so this is a must have for me.



#4 – TheftSpy


This app is not available on playstore but can be downloaded for free from the developer’s thread on xda forums. Due to it’s tons of features I would rate it as one of the best android anti theft apps. You can delete or read SMS, whatsapp and fb conversations of your stolen phone. You can sync your images on the online web server and can wipe data remotely as well.

Check out the thread here for other features and download.



If you can afford it, do get your smartphone insurance. It is best to install these android anti theft apps as well. Don’t make the mistake of totally relying on android device manager … I also thought it was enough until my phone was stolen and there was nothing I could do about it. So give these apps a shot.

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