Mar 16, 2016

Alienware Alpha vs Next Gen Consoles

alienware alpha

Alienware Alpha

At E3 2014 Alienware announced a new product into their gaming range. You can think of it as PC Console which currently runs on a themed Windows 8.1 to give gamers a console feel. It is possible that it might later run at Steam OS.

Users can connect their Xbox controllers with the alienware alpha or basically any other controller supported by the windows platform.


Here is a quick look at the specs:

Processor: Haswell based Core i3, i5 and i7 support.
Ram: 4 GB DDR3 with room for upgrade.
GPU: Nvidia Custom Based 2 GB DDR5. GPU using maxwell architecture.
HDD: 500 GB with room for upgrade.
OS: Modified 64 bit Windows 8.1

alienware alpha

After the general overview of the alienware alpha … It is now time to compare it with the next gen consoles.


Alienware Alpha vs Next Gen Consoles – The Pros

#1 – Its still a PC

Call it whatever you like but the alienware alpha is still a PC. So you get all the benefits of owning a PC. Let’s stick with superior graphics for now. The next gen graphics still pull out some stunning visuals but the slight comparison declares PC a winner. This is not much of an issue for now as the differences are just slightly different.


#2 – Upgradeable

Unlike a next gen console, almost everything in the alienware alpha other than its custom GPU can be upgraded. So you can upgrade the RAM, HDD or basically anything you don’t like in the standard edition.


#3 – Hardware Support

The alienware alpha comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 hence you can also use a PlayStation controller with the right drivers installed. So you can go for choosing any controller you like rather than sticking to one compulsory controller.


Alienware Alpha vs Next Gen Consoles – The Cons

#1 – Price to Performance Ratio

The very basic alienware alpha with a Core i3, 4 GB Ram and 500 GB HDD will ship at $549. Which is almost $50 more than what you will have to pay for a Xbox One.

Although there is room for upgrade, these upgrades will increase the already high price tag on the alienware alpha. When even compared with the hardware of Xbox One (which is said to inferior to that of a PS4) the alienware alpha is still poorly specified. The very basic alpha will not be able to handle games like Watch Dogs on ultra settings which requires at least 6 GB of RAM.


#2 – No fixed FPS

Unlike a console which is set to run games on a stable 30 or 60 fps … The alienware alpha cannot promise you that. If you invest one time in a console … You still might be able to play AAA titles after 4 years or so on playable FPS. Which will not be the case of a one time investment in alienware alpha.


#3 – No Awesome Exclusives

If you are a die hard PC gamer … You would not care much for console exclusive titles. However, if you are to decide between a console or an alienware alpha, don’t choose it over exclusive titles.

That is because on a console budget, you cannot run even many current AAA titles on graphics that match the next gen consoles.


So should you buy it ?


If you are not limited to a console budget and can afford a superior hardware version of the alienware alpha. Also if you are ready to let go off the console exclusive titles.

Do keep in mind that you will still not be able to upgrade your GPU on a one time invested alienware alpha.



If you are on a limited console budget and want to make sure that your gaming experience remains future proof. Also if you give preference to your respective console exclusives … Alienware alpha is a total no.

The Alpha is first of its kind from alienware and they are likely to improve it later on. One thing is for sure that an alienware alpha can never be price competitive to a console.

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