Mar 16, 2016

Alarmy - The Best Alarm App


Alarmy (Sleep If You Can)

There are many apps available on your app store for alarms, whether it be android or iOS. However, after using a bunch of them myself Alarmy seems to be the best alarm app I have come across.

This is my personal opinion for calling it the best alarm app but the app developers themselves challenge you.

They name it “Alarmy (sleep if you can)” which is quite a challenge when it comes to alarms.


The Best Alarm App?

Yes! alarmy is simply the best alarm app available on both iOS and Android. Obviously it will be sounding an alarm to wake you up but unlike other apps available in the market turning the alarm off is going to be a pain for you and hence you will be forced to wake up.

Alarmy allows you to set any mp3 file as your alarm tone and has two unique ways to turn the alarm off.


#1 – Go To The Pictured Place

alarmy best alarm app



In this mode you basically take a picture once of a place you would have to go to turn your alarm off. Now when the alarm starts ringing, until you don’t show the pictured place to the app it wont turn off. So choose wisely or you could end up in a lot of mess.


#2 – Shake Your Phone

So yes another way to turn your alarm off is to shake your phone like hell. So you wont really be able to do that while acting like a sleepy head so yet again this app forces you out of bed. You can actually set the number of times you want to shake your phone in order to disable your alarm.


Alarmy supports different themes which you can choose to your liking. You can call it the best alarm app or the most annoying alarm app, either way it does an excellent job at getting you out of bed. The app is available to download for free on Android and is a paid application on iOS.

Download On Android:


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