Mar 16, 2016

5 Crazy Google Projects Implemented right now

google projects

Top 5 Google Projects

Do you know that behind the scenes Google is tackling some of most ambitious projects in tech? And, after a couple of years from now we will know whether or not Google is able to shape our future. So, let’s go and look at the five cool Google projects that are being implemented right now.


1) Self-driving Car


google projects


Not everybody needs an Android phone but everyone needs a car, today. If Google gets it right, they can save lives, ease traffic congestion and free us up so that we can watch movies in the comfort of our car without any worries.  Also, the payoff for Google is huge. They’ll have the best 3D street view updated constantly by us through this car. And, because they’ll know everything you do and everywhere you go, they can target their ads with accuracy, but this can get annoying. Although, you might get a little depressed with the privacy you wouldn’t have any more with the Google’s Self driving car, this would be a huge revolution in the commuting industry. Click here to watch the video of this Self-driving Car by Google.


2) Project Loon


google projects


Here on the list of the top 5 Google Projects, Project Loon is for sure one crazy idea by Google! Google is obsessed with connecting the next billion people with the internet; people who live in areas of the world where there is practically no way to get online. So, how do you get high-speed internet to the Himalayas? Well, how about floating balloons? By floating giant weather balloons in the earth’s stratosphere, at the edge of space, Google can create a mesh network of radio signals that can bounce the internet down to the most remote corners of the globe. And, that’s why it is the craziest and most ambitious project that only Google can pull off.


3) Project Tango


google projects


Among the top 5 Google Projects, third on the list is Project Tango. You know how the Microsoft Kinect can map out your living room in 3D. What if your smartphone or tablet can do the same thing, everywhere you go? Google is selling hardware to developers right now that will do just that, and it’s opening up all kinds of potential. For developers it means that you can sell an app that tells you exactly where to locate the ice cream in your grocery store. Google wants to fill in that last mile of Google Maps by going inside the buildings. It is a logical but somewhat frightening step taken by Google.


4) Project Ara


google projects


Project Ara is Google’s concept of modular phones that you can upgrade and customize part by part. Because, let’s face it, the pace of smartphone hardware innovation is slowing down. We are basically buying the same phone over and over again just for little incremental improvements and modifications. That’s a waste of money and unsustainable resources. There is something really beautiful about a truly personalized phone that adapts with you over the course of your life.I will be the first person to buy a modular smartphone.


5) Google Fiber


google projects


Google has already invented a super high-speed internet with the help of Google Fiber and it’s cheaper than today’s so-called ‘high speed’ internet (I won’t name any companies). Unfortunately, right now Google Fiber is only available in 2 or 3 states. We would hopefully see this all around the country pretty soon, because if Google won’t do it, nobody will!


So, there you go! These were the top 5 cool Google projects that the guys at Google are currently working on. I’m telling you that the Google of 2024 is going to be much more than just the debates over Android vs iOS. It will be too busy driving you to work, scanning your home and providing you internet.

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