Mar 16, 2016

The 5 Best Android Time Wasters - 2014

best android timewasters

The Best Android Time Wasters

Waiting at a shopping mall, waiting for your car to get washed or any other boring activity ? Then you need these apps on your Android smartphone to waste your time. So here are the five best android time wasters, apps are in no particular order of preference and all of them are great. I have tried sharing apps other than the mainstream ones that almost everyone has.


#1 – Daddy Was A Thief


best android time wasters


This app is my personal favorite and one of the best android time wasters. You play as a dad who has just robbed a bank and now you have to escape as far as you can. There is no end to the game and its all about your high score. Controls are the traditional swipe up and down only and the animation is beautiful. Break through roof tops, collect coins and survive the obstacles is all this game is about.


#2 – The Impossible Line 


best android time wasters


Another one of my favorites would be the impossible line. It is sort of like a puzzle game but certainly a good time waster. You are shown a pattern to be followed while drawing a line for a while, the pattern then disappears and now you have to reach the mark without touching any obstacles. Overall its a fun game and I do rate it as one of the best android time wasters.


#3 – Sonic Dash



The old school game has finally arrived for android, you can think of it as a temple run version of Sonic. The game is amazing with great visuals that look great on a HD display, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the app but it is a must time waster.



#4 – Badland



Badland is an extremely good looking game with a lot of levels. This game is perfect if you have a HD display on your smartphone because its visuals would make your screen vivid. Not exactly a particular theme or genre to the game but its a game that has helped me waste time on boring occasions. The gameplay seems really immersive and that is what I like best about it. You might not think of it as the best android time wasters but do give it a shot.



#5 – Beat The Boss 3



Honestly speaking this game is just amazing, for some reason I always end up playing this game when I am trying to waste some time. For some this app may be a stress reliever but for me this is a perfect time killer. There are a lot of customizations to the game, a range of weapons, scenarios etc which make the game a hell lot of fun. Get it if you don’t have it already and thank me later.



All the above mentioned apps are free to download on Google Play.


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