Mar 16, 2016

The $1300 Selfie Camera - Casio TR35

casio tr35 selfie camera

Casio TR35 Selfie Camera

Up till now the only product of concern by Casio for a teenager would have been a calculator. I myself was not familiar with the fact that cameras made specifically for taking a selfie actually existed. However, recently I got to know about the Casio TR35. The TR35 is a new addition to the previous models, namely the TR15 and TR10. It is the most expensive selfie camera among the others with a price tag of around $1300 (USD)

Lets have a go through among some if its features and specs.



The Casio TR35 comes equipped with a 12 MP camera with a single focus lens. It has the ability to record Full HD movies and features a 3.0 inches LCD display. It comes equipped with a WiFi chip and uses a high speed anti shake system to avoid blurry pictures. The built in flash memory is only 50 MB but you can expand storage by using a SD card. Shutter speeds range from 1/10 to 1/16000 of a second, which is decent enough for a selfie camera.

It is available in five different colors (white, vivid pink, blue, orange and light violet).



Casio TR35 has multiple recording functions, all of which (stated on their site) are listed below.

  • Posing Shot
  • Triple Shot
  • Face Detection
  • HDR
  • Art Shot:11(HDR-ART is included.)
  • BEST SHOT:8(HDR is included.)
  • Remote Capture (Requires installation of the EXILIM Remote app on your smartphone.)
  • Motion Shutter
  • Countdown Timer
  • Make-up Mode(Brightening, Natural)
  • Premium Auto Pro
  • Multi Frame SR Zoom
  • Slide Panorama
  • High Speed Best Selection


Other features would include a “Make Up” mode which is similar to the beauty shot mode available on some selfie camera apps. You can also use your smartphone as a remote control for shooting. I dont understand why cant you use your smartphone as a camera but yes this is a feature. Other than that you have a tilty flippy screen that you can orientate in your desired way to take a selfie. Around four shutter modes are included to allow you to choose the way the shutter should operate.


Worth $1300 ?

For a budget of $1300 you can buy a decent DSLR. You could go for a Nikon D5300 with its standard 55mm lens or simply buy a Nikon D5200 which leaves you some extra money to buy external lens as well in the $1300 budget. However, Casio has actually targeted selfie lovers who might actually buy a selfie camera rather than a DSLR. On their website, the way they have advertised the product seems to be for girls only. They have included beauty modes and other brightening modes that girls would fancy more.

If you are thinking that no one would buy it, you actually might be wrong. On a video review by DigitalRevTV, even the male audience seemed to like the picture quality for this selfie camera. They did not show willingness to buy it because of its huge price tag. A girl however seemed obsessed with the selfie camera and turned out to be more involved in the video then the reviewer himself.

The video:

So deciding its worth is uncertain. A $1300 selfie camera is worthless for me but for someone else it might have some worth.


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